Fonts, fonts, fonts, or typefaces, or whatever. I love them but, frankly, know zero about them. I always have problems when I have to choose a typeface for something. I wish I knew a little more about them but, the reason that I don’t is that I imagine the type world to be a little nuts, the whole deification of Helvetica for example (did you know somebody made a film about Helvetica) and its attendant damning of Arial users when, to be frank, Arial’s a perfectly good font and only basketcases can tell the difference. Anyway, I still wish I had better criteria for picking one. This is the test I made to choose the font for yesterday‘s Full of Love design:

I like quite a lot of these, in the end I went for Existence Light, a free font you can download from dafont, and what swung it was just the low descender (is that what it’s called?) on the f.

I’m not above creating my own type… though have never gone to the lengths of a whole typeface… for example for the snailsnail logo at the family, or for the titles of some of my films. But this is an incredibly time-consuming process, and I don’t really know how to do it that well.

One day maybe I’ll geek out and do some research on this stuff.


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